Duk-Ho Jung and Grant Goodall have a new article in Journal of Linguistics

Graduate student Duk-Ho Jung and faculty member Grant Goodall have a new publication in Journal of Linguistics entitled “Filler–gap dependencies and the remnant–correlate dependency in backward sprouting: Sensitivity to distance and islands.” It is available open-access at https://www.doi.org/10.1017/S0022226722000366

The article examines “backward sprouting” (Although it is unclear what, Mary was drinking on the bus). Superficially, this structure looks very similar to filler-gap dependencies (It is unclear what Mary was drinking __ on the bus), but the article shows experimentally that there are actually some intriguing differences, with important implications for how sprouting structures are formed. The experiments in this article are part of Duk-Ho’s work for his forthcoming Ph.D. dissertation.