San Diego Linguistic Papers Issue 6

The sixth issue of San Diego Linguistic Papers is now available. SDLP is the working-papers series of the UC San Diego Department of Linguistics. This issue includes five papers by members of the San Diego linguistics research community:

Frederiksen, Anne Therese. Hold + stroke gesture sequences as cohesion devices: Examples from Danish narratives
DeAnda, Stephanie; Hendrickson, Kristi; Zesiger, Pascal; Poulin-Dubois, Diane; Friend, Margaret. Lexical access in the second year: A cross-linguistic study of monolingual and bilingual vocabulary development
McCollum, Adam. Vowel dispersion and Kazakh labial harmony
Kroeger, Richard. Folk definitions of Korean ideophones
Malouf, Robert. Generating morphological paradigms with a recurrent neural network

Issue 6 is published online through eScholarship, and is available there or from the SDLP website.