UCSD Phonetics Lab at ICPhS

UCSD’s Phonetics Lab will have 6 oral and poster presentations at the 2015 International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, August 10-15 in Glasgow, Scotland!

  • Lexical and post-lexical tone in Choguita Rarámuri. Marc Garellek, Andrés Aguilar, Gabriela Caballero, and Lucien Carroll
  • Coda glottalization in American English. Scott Seyfarth and Marc Garellek
  • Acoustic properties of different kinds of creaky voice. Patricia Keating (UCLA), Marc Garellek, and Jody Kreiman (UCLA)
  • An experimental investigation of tonogenesis in Punjabi. Jasmeen Kanwal and Amanda Ritchart
  • The phonetics and distribution of non-question rises in two varieties of American English. Meghan Armstrong (UMass), Page Piccinini, and Amanda Ritchart
  • Voice onset time in Spanish-English spontaneous code-switching. Page Piccinini and Amalia Arvaniti (Kent)

Page Piccinini, Amanda Ritchart, and Scott Seyfarth also received IPA Student Awards. Only 6 students from the US were awarded the prize. Congratulations!