PS 142A Lecture Slides (Winter 2019)

Jan. 8 and 10: Themes and Theories: The American Imperium

January 8

January 10

Jan. 15: Empire of Liberty

January 17 and 22: Informal Empire in the Caribbean

January 24: World War I and the League of Nations

January 29: World War II and the Origins of the Liberal International Order

January 31: The Cold War: Origins and Outbreak

February 5: The Cold War: Crises and D├ętente

February 7: Vietnam

February 12: Catch-up Day

February 14: The End of American Hegemony

February 19: Reagan and the End of the Cold War

February 21: The New World Order

February 26: The Backlash to Empire and the War on Terror

February 28: Democracy Promotion and Statebuilding

March 5: Iraq

March 7: Populism at home and abroad

March 12: The Rise of China

March 14: The Future of the LIO