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I am currently director of the Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research (YSS), a research center and funding source to find and promote practical solutions to pressing social problems related to economic opportunity.

Dan Yankelovich was a remarkable man and I was lucky to count him as a friend. A challenging childhood during the Great Depression–where he was forced to live in several foster homes before he even became a teenager– led him to have great empathy for those born into difficult circumstances, and instilled in him a commitment to help.

He endowed his center to encourage social scientists to work together, without regard to discipline, to find evidence-based policy interventions that are scalable and flexible to fit a variety of social contexts and problems.

The center provides seed funding and convenes events to bring together scholars and change agents from the political, business, and nonprofits worlds to share knowledge and insights.

For more information on YSS, click here.

Dan also founded another organization, Public Agenda, that has as its mission “elevating a diversity of voices, forging common ground and improving dialogue and collaboration among leaders and communities.”

Will Friedman, the talented leader of Public Agenda and a longtime friend of Dan’s, wrote a lovely memorial to Dan, who passed away in September, 2017.