Failed invention: the selfie brush phone case

Nowadays, selfie becomes a fashionable way to take photos, and it plays more and more indispensable role in our daily life. Selfie is no longer used exclusively for one person.When people meet their friends, they would like to take the group-selfie , not only because of its convenience but also because people could react more naturally. when people observe their faces and realize what they look like in the photo, they could change their facial expressions or adjust their poses in time. One fact, which we may easily ignore but we apply every time before taking selfies, especially for women, is to prep the hair in order to let us look perfect in the picture. According to the selfie trend, the selfie brush phone case was created.

Selfie Brush 4.jpg             selfiebrush2

The Selfie Brush is a paddle-style hair brush with a case for an Iphone5 or Iphone5s built into it (more phone model will come soon). It also has a mirror that runs alongside the smartphone. The main function for this phone case is that the brush allows people to prep and add more volume to their hair. In addition, since people can hold the handle, they can adjust the phone to the best side and find the best position to take the selfie.

I think this is a strange and unnecessary creation. Valuing its feature of phone case function, there is no practice meaning of that because no one will use such a huge phone case to protect their phone. It is impossible for people to put their phones in their pockets if they use this phone case. Valuing its feature of a brush, there is also lack of the original function of a comb.The phone has strong radiation which harms people’s health, so we should try the best to avoid the phone having direct contact with our brain. Even if we answer the phone, we would better to let the phone to have a certain distance with our ears. Who will brush their hair with a phone on their heads? If people take off the phone from the case and then brush their hair, why not bring a small, easy-carried comb instead?

I understand that this invention aimed to follow the selfie trend, a new media trend shaping the modernity. Unfortunately, the idea failed.