Worried About Our Younger Generations Not Reading the News?


In a society where technology has been growing and giving us new ways to communicate with one another through media, are we worried about our younger generations not reading the news?

Many of us worry because through our current technology, communication for the young, or “millenials” will be affected. However, The Huffington Post tells us that It’s Going To Be Okay, Millenials Are Still Reading The News.

It’s extremely common to see that the younger people use newer, digital media outlets as a form of communication to retrieve their news. However, a chart of statistics provided by¬†Digiday¬†clearly portrays that although popular online publications such as Buzz Feed and Elite Day are popular amongst the millenials, Cosmopolitan and New York Times are still popular.

Although BuzzFeed was most popular and came out as the “most popular” source of communication in terms of media, the New York Times was still able to make it for second in terms of being read and it came in fourth for millenials.

This is a good indication, considering that people are on their smarphones and laptops wherever you go for the most part. Although I myself am not big on the news whether it is through what is popular amongst the young or the older generations, weren’t you surprised at the statistics shared by Digiday?

As social media is continually starting to grow day by day however, wouldn’t you say that it will eventually become more prominent and overpower as the main source of communication as time progresses?