TiVo Collaborates with Market Research


In the 90’s, TiVo was known as digital VCR, but the company created a new form of their product. Due to Aereo’s crime, which allowed users to record and stream shows on mobile devices without broadcaster’s consent, the TiVo company resolved to legalize recording online content by advertising the TiVo Romanio OTA (over-the-air) DVR. This device serves to satisfy the needs of “cord cutters,” people without access to cable via over-the-air waves. TiVo’s device had to upgrade to using the Internet because these days people rely on online streaming sties like Netflix, for entertainment.

Although there is a monthly fee to use TiVo’s latest product, it has new features. Users can watch one show, while recording up to four shows at once, including local channels like NBC. This product uses market research to review previous shows watched, to give the user a personal list of recommendations of similar shows to watch. In addition, it enables mass customization to function, by accumulating content intended to appeal to one individual. By using previous data, the product effectively encourages the user to watch extra shows while collecting information to improve its performance.


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Defintion of “cord-cutters”

My Intrepretation of Mass Customization and Market Research Based On:

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