Wouldn’t you have hated this as a kid?


I think that all (or most) of us have experienced instances where at a younger age we would ignore our parents incoming phone calls or text messages.

Regardless of the reason that we would choose to ignore them, we live in and see a society where individuals of all ages, including kids have become so attached to our social media and can’t live without them.

Also in a society where children are outside of their homes and choose to ignore their parents’ phone calls by turning off or muting their phones and making up excuses that they did not hear their phone or their phone died, a “Mom-Made App Allows Parents to Lock Their Kids Phones Until They Call Back.”

Sharon Standifird, mother of Brandley Standifird and other teens, numerously came across such situations where her children ignored her calls, created an application Ignore No More, in the Android market at a $1.99 monthly prescription, allowing a parent to lock their child’s phones from wherever either is, if their phone calls are being ignored. A child is blocked from using their phone unless they call their parent and asks for the password. Brandley is only “half-proud” of his mother because although “it was a good idea,” he ultimately does not enjoy it because she would use the application to lock his phone in such situations, inconveniencing him.

This obligates kids to answer phone calls from their parents if they want to continue access their phones. Although convenient for parents, but wouldn’t you have despised Ignore No More as a kid?

One thought on “Wouldn’t you have hated this as a kid?

  1. Ned Randolph

    Andrew, how would you frame this a little deeper. You’ve presented a fairly straight piece here about an interesting new app. But what does it say about parents and kids and communication. What does it say about society. What do you think about something like this?