Televisual Media as Vehicles of Cultural Expression in Korea


The image above is a poster of a Korean drama “Life is beautiful.” This drama was broadcasted in 2010. I remembered that I was surprised about one of the topics of the drama. It dealt with a topic of homosexual relationship. The idea of homosexual and homosexual relationship was difficult for many people to come to terms with only around 10 years ago in Korea. As some entertainers and celebrities was outed as homosexuals, the view of homosexual was changed in Korea. The drama was broadcasted as the result of this change.


Few days ago, I was surprised one more time because of an advertising on television. The advertising was for women’s contraception. Many people in Korea thought that women should keep chastity before marriage, and the view of having sex before marriage was negative in the past. However, the view of the issue has been changed. Many people have sex before marriage, so many women need to demand birth control pill to avoid a pregnancy. As the result, the advertisement of birth control pill for women is televised to public in response to the demand of the women.

I felt that Korean culture has changed in many aspects when I saw the drama and the advertisement. I think that Korea was a conservative country compare to other countries in West and Europe in the past. However, people’s perceptions and value have changed, and further, Korean culture has changed. We talked about televisual media as vehicles of cultural expression in terms of Boyer in the class. The TV drama and the advertisement of Korea also fulfilled as vehicles of cultural expression. These televisual media expressed cultural change in Korea.