Mom Gave me a Red Apple

Mom Gave me a Red Apple
Mom gave me a red apple
I put it aside
Dad cut a big watermelon
I didn’t lay eyes on it
My brother served a bowl of savoury dumplings
I——“you need to eat themup!
What’s wrong with you?” Mom was getting angry
“Don’t you need a feast?”
I wore a wry smile and said
“I need nothing. I only want to smoke the cigarette that can never be finished





 Li Lu

Li Lu, born in 1993, is currently a postgraduate student, majoring in English translation at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Her short story “The Story of a Carpenter” has been published in an online journal The Creativity Webzine and her poems have appeared in Chinese printed journals, like Huawen LiteratureTriangle Sailboat and Pujiang Literature.”

Ouyang Yu

“Ouyang Yu was born in the People’s Republic of China, arriving in Australia in 1991 to study for a Ph. D. at La Trobe University which he completed in 1995. Since then his literary output has been prodigious. Apart from several collections of poetry and a novel he has translated authors as diverse as Christina Stead, Xavier Herbert, Germaine Greer and David Malouf among others. He also edits Otherland, which is a bilingual English-Chinese literary journal.”