Larva seguido de cerca


i feed that which runs away


with these hands of
precise animal
i make tinder of my name
and wait for the seed




i climb from the mud


a pale creature that
breathes and plunges its eyes into light


wind      heat      blindness

what we knew of the body




like one who closes
his eyes or craves the
migration of birds
I renounce the landscape




and I suffer: a blind man




to open my hands
like weeping or
like flesh


that is my revolt




to wander was to see

the hungry quivering of
moths to collapse
at our centers
or to hold on



my blood
i hear its hum




Your voice comes to

and its ashes. You
I remember
vast fragile
while you point to the break.


What symbol will I use for your face?


By Pilar Fraile Amador
translated, from the Spanish, by Lizzie Davis


Lizzie Davis is a poet and translator studying Literary Arts at Brown University. Her work has appeared in several print and online journals, including Clerestory Journal, The Round, Bluestockings Magazine, and Aldus Journal of Translation.

Pilar Fraile Amador is an innovative Spanish poet who came of age post-Franco. Fraile writes disjunctive, multi-vocal poems that simultaneously enchant and disturb. This selection comes from Fraile’s book Larva seguido de cerca.