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twins and males burst from a tall lone stubble that quoted from my daughter-shelf. Ocean threw my dish-wild as he did glue the braves, straining pies and strength with each purge of malt. Poor grasshopper cast his spine into the knee, and shore feather drift the fate. I slide to scout for shore feather to scum crack to tree, but I add no south.

Poor grasshopper saw your wish feather dicing the torrent, gnaw him gripe the book. He buzz too levee, too beautiful for the spine, and poor grasshopper was lulled in true the motion. Poor grasshopper couldn’t skim. I crushed cup and ferried poor grasshopper on my black, shore feather skimming belong slide my daughter-shelf. True weather, we slept him shack to the hand.

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By Jenna Jauregeui
translated homophonically, from the English, by Jenna Jauregui

Jenna Jauregui is a fourth-year Literature and Writing/Film Studies major at Cal State San Marcos. She wrote both the original and the homophonic translation of this piece.