Cerebral Aneurysm, Eventuating in Coma

Cerebral Aneurysm, Eventuating in Coma by Robert N. Watson

Insubstantial time goes by so fast it seems to sing,

To singe with wind-burn any figure-head that stares uncaring;

Let rain sting the eyes and stain the painted face’s cracks;

Crashes on the rocks crush hope and all its fine details;

Bottles lie there on their sides, but nothing leaks, or seeps

To a degree that any surface sleeper needs to mind,

Though time goes singing through the lines—an awful, awful storm.


Aneurisma Cerebral, Deslizándose en Coma (Spanish Translation by Mayra Cortes)


Anda rápido, cantando, este tiempo sin sustancia,

Carbonizando con el viento-escaldado cualquier mascaron con mirada indifferente; 

Deja que la lluvia resqueme los ojos y manche las grietas de la pintada cara; 

Demoliendo en las rocas esperanza desecha de todos sus detalles finos; 

Las botellas yacen de lado, pero nada brotan, ni gotean 

Del grado que ningun durmiente de superficie deba molestarse,

Aunque el tiempo va cantando entre las lineas—una espantosa tormenta.  


 Mayra Cortes 

“Mayra Cortes received her B.A. in English from UCLA. She is an English doctoral student at the University of California, San Diego. Her research focuses on early modern English and Spanish travel and colonial narratives. Her other scholarly interests include Shakespeare and 17th and 18th century Anglophone epistolarity.”