Summer 2023


ALCHEMY – journal of translation

Issue 22 – Summer  2023


Cover by Damariz Aispuro

Letter from the Editor by Reem Hazboun Taşyakan

Miriam Drev

Two Poems

Translated, from the Slovenian, by Miriam Drev & Barbara Siegel Carlson

German Villanueva Gervacio & Joseph Fernandez

Two Poems

Translated, from the Tagalog, by Antonette Ramos

Patricija Gudeikaitė 


Translated, from the Lithuanian, by Dave Seter

Ahmet Haşim

Desire at the End of a Day

Translated, from the Turkish, by Mustafa Bozkurt Gürsoy

Prabuddha Ghosh

The Tale of the Lost Mirror and the Tall Lamp

Translated, from the Bengali, by Rituparna Mukherjee

Li Qingzhao

Forever Joy Variations

Translated, from the Chinese, by Chengru He

Emmanuel Molina

There, cops tragan verga every two seconds

Translated, from the Spanish, by Julia Kott

Michel de Montaigne

On Overthinking

Translated, from the French, by Camille Uglow

Pauline Lacanilao

False Cognates

An original textual work

Inna Krasnoper


An original textual & visual work / autotranslation

Matina Vossou

Postcards From A Postponed Posterity

An original visual art work

In Memoriam

Alchemy remembers Victoria Amelina (1986-2023)

Co-written by Neon Mashurov & Olga Mikolaivna