MOLE Modifiable Language Experiments

runQuestions Instructions


This function is a frame function for inputdlg that prompts the subject to answer specified questions, and allows the user to store the subject’s answers with his/her experimental data.


This function adds onto the inputdlg function by allowing the information entered into the questionnaire to be appended to the subject’s data file.  This function takes a text file containing question info, length of response lines, and default answers and loads it into a questionnaire format for subjects to enter responses.

See help inputdlg for more information.



Ex. runQuestions(‘Questionnaire’,’ShapesExpQ’)


instrfile: String input that specifies the name of the file containing the questions.
Ex. ‘Questionnaire’

expt: String input that specifies the name of the file to append the questionnaire data to.  This should be a file that is named for the experiment that the questionnaire follows/asks about.
Ex. ‘ShapesExpQ’


All string inputs must be surrounded by single quotation marks ( ‘ ‘ ).

When specifying the length of the answer lines, make sure to include the length of the question as well, since if it is too short, the program will wrap your answer text to the next line.

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