MOLE Modifiable Language Experiments

runNamingBlock Instructions


This function will run a block of naming trials (draws the test stimulus to the screen in a single specified location) and allows the user to specify trial order, as well as record the response given by the child via typing in the appropriate characters.


This function allows the experimenter to type in the child’s response while an image is displayed on the screen.  It also allows the experimenter to view the response and fix the answer (if necessary) before it is officially recorded.

pictureList and windowPtr must be specified so that the function knows which pictures to print to the specified screen.

The optional arguments order, feedback, folder, and pictureCoords can be altered depending on the needs of the experiment.
order specifies whether the trials are presently sequentially or randomly,
folder specifies where to access the stimuli if they are in a different folder from the one being worked out of, and
pictureCoords allows the experimenter to place the image stimulus in any single location desired.



Ex.  runNamingBlock(‘NameExpTrials’,5,’RANDOM’,’NameExp/’,[10 20 30 50]);

OR (this is the same function as the one listed above, only using the defined variable names listed below in the Arguments section):

Ex.  runNamingBlock(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4,arg5)


pictureList:  String value that specifies the text file with the list of image file names (NOT the pictures themselves).
Ex.  arg1 = ‘NameExpTrials’

windowPtr:  Numerical value that specifies which screen the stimuli are going to be drawn to.
Ex.  arg2 = 5

order:  Optional string value that allows the user to specify the order of trials to be random (‘RANDOM’).  Defaults to sequential (‘SEQUENTIAL’).
Ex.  arg3 = ‘RANDOM’

folder:  Optional string value that specifies the folder where the stimuli are located.  If this is not specified, it will default to the current folder being worked out of.
Ex.  arg4 = ‘NameExp/’

pictureCoords:  Numerical values in a 4 element vector that specify the coordinates for the image stimuli.
Ex.  arg5 = [10 20 30 50]


All string input argument must be surrounded by single quotation marks ( ‘ ‘ ).

All string inputs are case sensitive.

All vectors must be surrounded by brackets ( [ ] ).

When specifying a folder to be worked out of, the name of the folder must be followed by a forward slash ( / ).

The (x,y) coordinate system in MATLAB is different from the normal coordinate system.  The (0,0) point is in the upper left corner, and infinity in both directions is in the lower right corner, so the y values must always be larger than the x values.

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