UC San Diego Linguistics at CUNY

Our graduate students and faculty are presenting at 33rd Annual CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference, which will take place at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, from March 19th-21st 2020.

Graduate student Duk-Ho Jung and faculty Grant Goodall are presenting a poster on “Two types of wh-dependencies: Same, but different“.

Graduate student Josh Wampler and faculty Eva Wittenberg are presenting a poster on “Conceptual parallels between event and object reference in English: A new paradigm shows that demonstratives refer to more complex events“.

Graduate student Till Poppels and faculty Andy Kehler are presenting a poster on “Anything can be elided if you know how: sluicing, voice mismatch, and tough movement“.

Till is also presenting a poster with faculty Philip Miller (Universit√© de Paris 7 – Diderot)¬† on “Connectivity evidence for a direct generation approach to pseudogapping“.