Gabriella Caballero, Marc Garellek, Amanda Ritchart-Scott, and Scott Seyfarth all presented at LabPhon16

UC San Diego Linguistics was well represented at the 16th LabPhon meeting.

Amanda Ritchart-Scott presented her poster “Perceptual enhancement of nasalized vowels through increased breathiness.”

Gabriella Caballero & Marc Garellek presented their poster “Multidimensional tonal realization and prosodic variation in Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara).”

Marc Garellek presented his talk (coauthored by Christina Esposito at Macalester College) “The effects of prosody on pitch and voice quality of White Hmong tones.”

Scott Seyfarth (PhD 2016, currently at Ohio State University) co-organized (with Beth Hume, OSU) a workshop called “The role of predictability in shaping human sound systems.”