Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Professor Sarah C. Creel


Dr. Creel was an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina before going to the University of Rochester for a PhD, and the University of Pennsylvania for postdoctoral work. Her interests include the development of word recognition, specificity in acoustical representations, and the role of top-down knowledge in music perception and enjoyment.


Graduate Students

Conor Frye


Conor is originally from Denver, Colorado, and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California studying Neuroscience and Spanish. Conor is interested in native and second language acquisition. He’s also interested in how we experience music, and how it’s related to (and distinct from) spoken language. Also, while he’s here, he’d like to translate sliding down a mountain to riding a wave.


Carson Miller Rigoli


Carson is interested in models of perception that account for rich representations of speech in memory and multimodal information. He completed his undergraduate studies in linguistics at UC Berkeley and managed the Ofen Lab for Cognitive and Brain Development at Wayne State University before joining UCSD CogSci. He also has a passionate hobby interest in California Studies and Western Americana.


Research Staff

Elizabeth Groves

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Aurora Sainez Mackenzie Duerksen
Kelvin Lam Madeleine Yu
Betina Karshaleva Dylan Christiano
Ziwen Zeng Morgan King

Lab Mascots