The full program, including the time and location of every talk, is now available here.


Abstracts for every talk are available in PDF format, here. Abstracts for posters are available here

Abstracts for the Pathways session on Wednesday afternoon are available here.

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Plenary Talks


Full abstracts are available here.


  • Herbert H. Clark (Stanford University): “On Timing Gestures”
  • Susan Wagner Cook (University of Iowa): “Space and Time on Our Hands: How Gesture Influences Communication and Learning”
  • Asli Ozyurek (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Radboud University): “Visible communicative acts in gesture, sign, and the brain”
  • Marjorie H. Goodwin (UCLA): “Intertwining Bodies to Accomplish Co-operative Sociality”
  • Andy Wilson (Microsoft): “Interacting in Spatial Augmented Reality”
  • Marianne Gullberg (Lund University): “Why gestures are not (only) a compensatory device – evidence from language learners”


Miscellaneous Information

  • Each talk is allotted 25 minutes: 20 minutes for the presentation, and 5 for questions and transition. All rooms are equipped with standard audiovisual capabilities.
  • Poster boards will be 48″ x 70″, landscape format. Poster sessions will be held during lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • For information about accessing wireless internet while at UCSD, see here. In addition to a freely available guest network, UCSD participates in the “Eduroam” wireless service; check with your home institution to find out if your home institution is eduroam-enabled.
  • The conference will provide ASL interpreters. When registering through RegOnline, please make sure to indicate that you intend to use the provided interpreters.