Grade components

Midterm 1: 20%
Midterm 2: 20%
Final exam: 30%
i>Clicker questions: 20% (half participation, half accuracy)
–You must be present AND RESPONDING at at least 75% of lectures starting in week 3 to get full participation credit.
Clicking responses or using a clicker for another student constitutes academic dishonesty, so please don’t do it.
–Discussing or sharing QUIZ clicker responses is not permitted. Dicussing DISCUSSION clicker responses is required!
Completing Coglab assignments: 8% (ON TIME) (Instructions for registering–do this in Week 1!!)
Experimental participation on SONA: 2%

  • up to 4 points total (2 as extra credit)
  • alternative is to write a short paper; see Other Info tab (above) for due dates and requirements

Grading scale

A 90% or higher
B 80%-89%
C 70%-79%
D 60%-69%
F Below 60%

Grades will only be curved if the distribution of final course grades appears unusually low. Individual assignment grades will not be curved.