Q: What is the course textbook?

Medin, Ross, and Markman, Cognitive Psychology, 4th Edition.

Q: Do I need the special bookstore edition of the textbook?

A: Nope–a used copy is totally fine (and cheaper!).

Q: Do I have to purchase a Coglab access code?

A: Yes, but you do not need the workbook.

Q: When will slides be posted?

A: Slides will be posted at least by the evening after lecture, if not sooner. They will appear as posts on the course web page.

Q: I can’t find any experiments on SONA that I’m eligible for. What can I do?

A: First, don’t wait until the end of the quarter. There is often a rush at the end of the quarter. Second, check the Other info tab to get information on a writing assignment that is an alternative to experimental participation. Due dates are strictly enforced.

Q: Will grades be curved?

A: Grades will only be curved if the distribution of final course grades appears unusually low. Individual assignment grades will not be curved.

Q: How can I do well in this class?

A: Make sure to show up for class and section. The more exposure you get to the material, the better you will learn it. Also, make sure to complete the Coglab assignments and experimental participation credits. These are easy points. However, keep in mind that the majority of your grade is determined by the exams, so make certain to study.

Q: I’m unhappy with my grade or I think there may have been a grading error. What can I do?

A: Students wishing to appeal a grade must request a regrade in writing within ten days of receiving the grade. The request must contain a paragraph justifying the appeal.

Q: Do I have to do a lab write-up for Coglab?

A: No, you don’t–just complete each experiment on time.

Q: Where can I listen to podcasts?

A: Unfortunately, the auditorium we are in is not podcast-capable, so there will be no podcasts this year.