Coglab Setup

Instructions for getting started with CogLab 5

These instructions describe how students in the class COGS 101B Learning Memory and Attention for instructor Prof. Sarah Creel at UCSD create their individual accounts. Students in other classes will follow similar directions, but the login information and passwords will be different.

  1. Open your Web browser and go to
  2. Towards the bottom of the page is a form that asks for three pieces of information. If you do not see the form, your Web browser probably has JavaScript disabled. Please enable JavaScript and re-load the page to continue.
  3. Enter the requested information:
    • In the Group Name text field, enter the Group ID Spring2014COGS101B
    • In the Group Password text field, enter turingtest
    • In the Registration Code text field, enter your registration code. The registration code could be in one of several formats. It may be on a sticker on the inside front cover of your CogLab Student Manual. It may have been bundled with your textbook on a postcard. Or, you may have purchased a registration code electronically (sometimes this is also called an e-Pin). There are two types of codes:
      • A CogLab2 code: This is made up of 11 letters and numbers, and will look something like this: yij2d9v6fu0
      • A CogLab5 code: This is made up of 16 letters and numbers, and will look something like this: sjkq8b632dvhd4u0

      Both are valid on this website. However, do not purchase used CogLab registration codes! If the registration code has already been used, it will not work for you. Each valid registration code can be used only once.

  4. After filling in all the text fields, click or tap on the Start Registration button.
  5. Your Web browser will connect with the CogLab server to verify your information. If the information is correct, a new window will appear. The first line, highlighted in yellow, is your User ID. You should write this down because you will need to access CogLab.
  6. The second line is your registration code.
  7. The next two lines ask for your first name and your last (family) name.
  8. Next, enter a password. You’ll use this when you login. The password must be at least 8 characters long. It is best not to enter a password you use on other web sites. The next line asks you to re-enter the password.
  9. The next two lines ask for your email address and then confirmation of this address. This email address will be used if you forget your password.
  10. Next, enter a security question and answer. Make sure to use an question that only you can answer correctly. Also, remember whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters in your answer: you’ll need to enter your answer exactly the same if you forget your password.
  11. If necessary, select your keyboard layout (for keyboard help, see
  12. Finally, decide if you want CogLab to remember you so that you don’t need to login each time. If not, uncheck the box next to Remember Me.
  13. After filling in all the text fields, click or tap on the Complete Registration button.

Your CogLab account is now ready to go!

To start doing labs, just click or tap on the Labs menu and select the lab. When you are finished, you’ll be asked if you’d like to contribute your data to the global data set. Submitting your data to the global data set is entirely optional. There is no way to tell whether a particular individual has submitted his/her data. At the end of each lab, a message will appear saying “End of lab… Sending to server…” and then you will see your results. Once you see your results, you know that your data have been saved. On this page, you’ll also be able to see your trial-by-trial data, the group data for your class, and the global data.