Important Resources

UCSD Resources for Students

UCSD has a lot of resources to address a variety of student needs. We have them, and put a lot of resources into them, because students need and use these services frequently. We encourage you to get involved by visiting the Centers and connecting with members of your community. They are here to listen, advocate, and help solve problems.

Below is a list of resources for undergraduate and graduate students that I collected. They are in no particular order and may not be complete. Do let me know if you know of any resources that are not on this list:

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strives to create a campus climate of respect, fairness and cooperation, promoting innovation and leadership by engaging the talents and abilities of all.

Sexual Assault Resource Center (CARE)

CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center is the UC San Diego confidential* advocacy and education office for sexual violence and gender-based violence (dating violence, domestic violence, stalking). CARE provides violence prevention education for the entire UCSD campus and offers free and confidential services for students, staff and faculty impacted by sexual  assault, relationship violence and stalking.

Student Veterans Resource Center

The Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) is committed to ensuring that military affiliated students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, and are assisted in their progress toward completing their academic degree.  In collaboration with other University partners, the SVRC seeks to identify and mitigate the barriers to academic success that are specific to the military affiliated student community.

Office for Students with Disabilities

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) welcomes students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors who have disabilities and wish to participate in the academic endeavors, professional opportunities, and campus events available in our community.

Undocumented Student Services Center

Undocumented Student Services is committed to serving our undocumented students and their families through holistic services. Undocumented Student Services strongly advocates generating a sense of community for all students that are undocumented or come from mixed immigration-status families.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides FREE, confidential, psychological counseling and crisis services for registered UCSD students. CAPS also provides a variety of groups, workshops, and drop-in forums.

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Programs

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American (APIMEDA) Programs and Services provides community and retention support for students who are part of the large and diverse APIMEDA communities.

Black Resource Center

The Black Resource Center is a Campus Community Center that serves everyone at UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. The Black Resource Center promotes scholarship, foster leadership, and cultivate community for students through the committed, collaborative effort and support of faculty, staff, and the broader UC San Diego community.

Cross-Cultural Center

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center is dedicated to supporting the needs of UCSD’s diverse student, staff and faculty communities. Our mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome.

Intertribal Resource Center

The Intertribal Resource Center (ITRC) is one of six Campus Community Resource Centers serving the UC San Diego campus. It is focused on supporting Native American students and promoting educational access in our tribal communities.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center at UC San Diego provides a visible presence on campus and enhances a sense of connection and community among LGBT faculty, staff, students, alumni and the UC San Diego Community. Let the LGBT Resource Center be your home away from home.

Raza Resource Centro

The Centro came out of a history of struggle, and student and community movements that called for resources and support for UCSD Chicanx- Latinx. We use use words with the letter X (latinX) to create an inclusive environment for all of the students and individuals that visit our space, regardless of gender identity or expression. The Centro offers activities, events and resources to connect students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The RRC is open to everyone, and strives to emphasize and foster the access, retention, and graduation of Chicanx-Latinx students as well as create strong connections with our surrounding community.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center serves as a resource for the entire campus community while placing the experiences of diverse women at the center through the resources they provide, the programming and learning opportunities they facilitate, and the dynamic community space that they create.

International Center

Global Education supports UC San Diego’s mission of providing transformative experiences in a globally-connected world by bridging educational opportunities with the vast global research network of our campus. Whether supporting international students, faculty and scholars to achieve academic and personal success, or creating and connecting students to high-impact opportunities abroad, Global Education achieves UC San Diego’s culture of collaboration and vision to prepare the next generation of global leaders.

Triton Food Pantry

The mission of the Triton Food Pantry is to provide a discreet service to UCSD students in need of food.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (SLS) provides services to registered UCSD undergraduate and graduate students, and to student organizations.

Writing and Critical Expressions Hub

The Writing + Critical Expression Hub supports all writers on campus—every writer, any project—and promotes writing as a tool for learning.

Graduate Student Association

The GSA is the official representative body of graduate and professional student at UCSD, which exists to advocate for the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.