Cover art by Eryn Y. Kimura, a 5th generation San Franciscan and Japanese-/Chinese-American. Making the invisible, visible.

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor by Paola Capó-García & Pepe Rojo


Global Science Fiction


A Selection from MICRO(science)FICTION by T(e)M

Translated, from the Spanish, by Pepe Rojo, Bryan Constantino, & Lilibeth Moreno.

The Machine to think of Gladys by Mario Levrero

Translated, from the Spanish, by Ignacio Azcueta & Maria Pape.


The ability to pull the trigger by Sergey Lukyanenko

Translated, from the Russian, by Dmitry Krizhanovsky.


I’m always late everywhere by Daniel Frini

Translated, from the Spanish, by Maximiliano Frini.


Theory of species extinction by Daniel Frini

Translated, from the Spanish, by Maximiliano Frini.


excerpt from Two Ends of the World by Antoni Słonimski

Translated, from the Polish, by Paulina Duda & Jodi Greig.


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