“A Daily Verse”

June 2, 2018 in Poetry, Spanish by jgburke

Translation by Maria Bartlett

A Daily Verse

Washing my hair

I am one with the water


Drying my hair

I am one with the air


Combing my hair

I am one with the comb



I am one with all



Original by Blanco

Poema cotidiano

Me lavo la cabeza

soy uno con el agua

Me seco la cabeza

soy uno con el aire

Me peino

soy uno con el peine


Me río

soy uno con todo



Maria Bartlett




Blanco is one of the most prolific poets working in Latin America today. Medio Cine contains forty poems in conversation with well-known film directors. These directors are listed in italics after the title of each poem. The poems were translated into English for the first time by Dr. Ron Friis and myself in collaboration with the poet, who has given us explicit permission to submit and publish them.

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